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90 Mins
Repeats Every week for 12 occurrences
Following are some guidelines to get the most out of this 12-week workshop and clear expectations for both of us, so you don't waste your time and effort and I don't get frustrated. Here's the most up to date version of the workbook, if you'd like to follow along. You can print the workbook and attached presentation pdf to DIY your course and review from week to week. First Time Visitors Many are doing great in sales; however, a lot of people I talk to about sales tell me they are frustrated with prospecting, disappointed by having to compete on price, and waste their time giving away their valuable information and end up chasing their prospects. Everyone open to improvements in sales is encouraged to audit a class as my guest with the expectation that they'll complete the Takeaway Form and schedule a short chat with me to discuss the class and next actions, if any. Naturally, I'm totally okay if they tell me that they hated the class and see no benefit in coming back...won't hurt my feelings. Before Please show up a few minutes early, prepared with something to write with and the printed workbook printed off which is attached to this calendar invite. Most find this course, like most things in life, that you get out of it what you put into it, and being set up for success is critical. If for some crazy reason or unexpected event comes up and you can't be early, that's totally okay...I'm equipped with grace and understand that life happens. During This is a camera on and maximum participation event. I rely on your facial expressions, body language, and positive feedback heavily. Your input, including visual feedback, makes each and every class wildly different, especially since this is an interactive workshop, not a lecture. And, you'll likely learn a lot more when you're called to focus your attention and actively participate. Please plan accordingly: be in a safe, fixed location, camera, and microphone on, and without other distractions. Again, equipped with grace, I understand that you may occasionally have to go worries, life happens. After We'll share action items and takeaways if any. Often this is the most critical learning time as we glean for others and other topics often come to light. I'll do my best to end on time, so please do your best to block off enough time to stay to the end of class and a few minutes after...just in case. Plus, most benefit from having a few minutes dedicated after class to schedule any actions items and consider the implementation of lessons learned. It is also expected that you'll invest a couple of minutes to complete the Takeaway Form. This helps you in further crystallizing action items and takeaways and provides me with valuable course feedback. Resources Shortly after class, the recording of the event will be added directly to this calendar invitation. The content of the class, recording, workbook and any other materials are exclusively for those in attendance. I ask that you respect the BoldOS intellectual property and do not share it. Like you, I've invested a lifetime to hone my craft and develop the content. For those that aren't able to attend, you'll be removed from this calendar invitation but not the rest of the course. You can make up the missed workshop at the next available time. That said, I control my calendar...NOT my clients, not the weather, and I make showing up a top priority. Again, equipped with grace, I totally understand that life happens, vacations happen, and technology fails. Homework Ultimately, unlearning old habits and installing new habits takes time, practice, and typically comes with a great deal of frustration. You will be sent very short daily videos, action items, and occasionally additional information that will definitely help you assimilate the material and quickly install more effective sales and communication habits. Over the years I've found those that do the work rapidly accelerate their success and those that don't...well, I'm pretty sure you can figure that out. So, for your sake, I hope you'll do the extra, put in the repetitions, and struggle through the process. Real change doesn't happen overnight and it isn't easy. Blocking 15 minutes a day, every day, to review the workbook, your notes, and action items have proven to be the absolute most effective method to gain mastery. Additional Support While going through the class, you'll have access to me during class and an occasional assist via text, email, or a short chat. Some students and companies benefit from more support and turbocharged results. I do have one-on-one coaching for both sales and business growth, as well as occasionally take on larger projects leading sales teams. If you want to discuss, if this may be a fit for you or not, please schedule a short chat to explore.

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